To purchase the complete film scores for many of the Empire Pictures releases, visit composer RICHARD BAND'S website!


Before Full Moon, before the Puppet Master series, there was Empire Pictures. While smaller, independent studios were targeting the growing home video market, Charles Band’s visionary studio was producing low-budget features for the multiplexes and grindhouses throughout the world. Learn more!

Ballyhoo Motion Pictures is proud to present the first official sneak preview of "Celluloid Wizards"! The epic Teaser Trailer for the documentary premiered on Fangoria website, and is now available for Empire fans to watch. Fangoria Magazine has been one of the leading resources for horror film and television news for the past three decades! Watch the Teaser Trailer!

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Mandroids! Mercenaries! Monsters! The explosive KICKSTARTER campaign to bring the epic story of Empire Pictures to the BIG screen was a HUGE success!  A special thanks goes out to all the VIDEO WIZARDS who helped make it happen! Be sure to visit this link view the campaign results! Follow our official FACEBOOK page for more updates!